Wisconsin is the 30th state

Wisconsin in the movie


Her capital is Maddison and she's known for cheese

In the 1st book she wanted to give California some cheese, but California is lactose intolerant. The cheese Wisconsin was holding came to life and said "Well excuse me!" In the 2nd book she made sculpture out of cheese as her act for the show.

She loves to wear a headband with a purple flower on it.

She loves cheese.

She loves to talk to her best friend, Minnesota.

She's nice and helpful and friendly.

She's very good. 

She can be stubborn.

She can be furious.

She can stomp.

She can be Angry.


  1. "Thanks!"
  2. "How exciting!"
  3. "Want some cheese?"
  4. "Sounds dreadful!"
  5. "You have to start from the beginning!"