Nevada is the 36th state.

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"It takes 2 to tango".

Nevada Edit

Nevada's capital is Carson City. He is Mississippi's girlfriend.

In the 1st book, he fell in love with Mississippi at the party. When the states began to swap places, He finally got to be with his love for a few days. When the states wanted to go home, Nevada was upset because he had to leave his girlfriend. Back at home, California offered Nevada some cheese from Wisconsin.

In the 2nd book, he danced the tango with Mississippi.

He is brave and bold.

He can be Funny.

Quotes Edit

  1. "I'll go get my things and meet you there."
  2. "You have minty fresh breath."
  3. "Do you wanna become MRS.issippi?"
  4. "I'll never love another."
  5. "Thanks!"
  6. "It takes 2 to tango."
  7. "How's your finger?"