Alaska is the 49th state.


"Wanna hear a joke?"


He is the largest state. In the 1st book he told Michigan and Oklahoma a joke, but they were annoying him days later in 2 different ways. In the 2nd book he dressed as a girl for his talent show act and made rhode island hold him over his head. His capital is Juneau


  1. "Wanna hear a joke?"
  2. "I can stretch out again!"
  3. "Rhode island will hold me over his head while I recite all the state's abbreviations. Isn't he so cute and strong? OKAY, let's see...Alabama is AL, Mine is AK...that was easy.  Ummm, Arizona is AZ, Arkansas is AR, which reminds me, I have a funny story about Arkansas but that can wait. hmmm...Oh, RIGHT, California is CA..."